We are an international relocation and logistics company focusing on International Moving and Global Relocation in Doha. Established in UAE a decade ago, we serve clients from around the globe and assist individuals, families and businesses to relocate and transport valuables internationally or domestically. Through the years we have made a prominent presence in the logistics and relocation business and our office in Doha helped us to grow rapidly in the middle-east and across the globe. We started to grow in the global logistics industry by expanding our quality services available to customers all around the world.

How We Work

To take care of all the formalities and procedures to first-hand guidance and insights about moving to a new location, we house a team of professional employees and crews who are veterans in the logistics field to help you and your family or your business have a hassle-free, safe and economical relocation to the country of your preference. Our international moving procedures are carried over with utmost care by our expert Personal Move Coordinator, who helps you to coordinate and assist customers from the initial stages of the moving process like documentation, packing date, tracking details, to the final steps of the delivery process to ensure a safe and successful moving experience. We are also a leading, storage, moving and relocation solutions provider to corporate enterprises and businesses entities alike. As a company with multicultural working atmospheres and safe working policies, all our crews are empowered to handle each and every customer with care, so you can rest assured about the quality of service we provide at Movers Move to have a safe moving of your valuable possessions to any parts of the world, any time you want.

Movers Move helps to have a safe, effortless and stress-free relocation to the desired country of choice by strictly following the respective countries laws and restrictions to avoid delays or rejection. Every relocation is carefully scheduled, and every cargo, bet it fragile or bulky is handled with care to make the whole process a hassle-free experience for the customer. We make sure every relocation is carried out quickly by removing any possible hindrances with our ample resources and expertise to have a disruption-free relocation experience. We provide customer support services to address and resolve all our customer queries and woes at the needs of the hour through call or email, this enables us to provide a transparent and exquisite customer service at all the wake of the relocation process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide globally competitive logistics and relocation service to customers all over the globe and to emerge as a world leader in International Relocation and Logistic services by implementing very efficient, flexible, customer friendly and innovative logistics services and solutions.

Our Vision

We know the customer is our valuable asset. At Movers Move, all our services are structured around this vision, and the philosophy of providing timely, transparent and reliable services to customers anywhere in the world to meet their relocation requirements in spite of any hindrances.

Over the course of more than ten years in the industry, we expanded to a globally competitive relocation & logistics service company serving clients from around the globe. We believe our satisfied clients and our robust work ethics combined with our expertise in the industry helped us to continually grow and expand our service outlets and offices around the globe.

We take pride in our services and the value it adds to our customers, be it individuals, families, private businesses, international agencies, and government or non-government institutions we ensure a hassle-free moving experience.

By garnering pain points and customer feedbacks, we incorporate our insights and knowledge to be more than just a moving, shipping and logistics services company, to a company that can understand, overcome and deliver quality solutions to customers in spite of the complexities and challenges in international relocation and logistics.